jeudi 27 février 2020

The Azar, more than a restaurant!

It is a terrace, where you can take the time to enjoy a quiet drink while chatting about the past day. It is also a restaurant whose southern cuisine will restore its delicate aromas from vegetables from Madame Laarbi's organic garden.

The Azar is also the Mezze’nine allowing you to nibble on Mezze, around cocktails whose bartender preciously keeps secrets. The Azar will certainly delight the most demanding, its concept guarantees you an oriental atmosphere, whether it is light and refined on the terrace, whether it takes a sustained rhythm in the restaurant or whether it is accentuated for entry into the night at the club, it's an omnipresent atmosphere that captivates the place. The decoration with warm colors and quirky modernism plunges us into a timeless world where the 70's and 80's intermingle, seeming to be managed by a very contemporary vision.

In terms of the cuisine, there is a real invitation to Mediterranean and oriental cuisine, so you will be able to taste typically Lebanese Mezze, hummus, moutabbal, taboulleh, falafel, kebbe, warak enab,… And a more Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine, with pastillas, crispy prawns with basil, tajines, grills,…

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